OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

سرور ارتباطی آلکاتل لوسنت (مرکز تلفن)

کسب و کارهای امروز ، نیازمند ارتباطات قوی و موثر با دنیای بیرون خود هستند . هرچه ارتباطات منعطف تر و بر پایه تکنولوژی های روز دنیا باشد تاثیر بهتری در رضایتمندی مشتریان خواهد داشت . در این خصوص شرکت الکاتل لوسنت نیز اقدام به تولید و ارائه راهکارهای روز دنیا نموده است .



OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

  • Native support for digital, analog, IP, SIP desk phones to preserve phone, cabling and network investments
  • Native support for DECT and wireless LAN handsets in office or industrial environment
  • Native connectivity to Rainbow cloud
  • Native off-site mobility support allows a single contact number, reverse calls, on-call services, session shift across devices and is open to any mobile
  • Flexible deployment options: networked appliances for higher availability or virtual machines in centralized private clouds to reduce TCO
  • From 50 to 15,000 extensions per system, 1M+ extensions with multiple systems
  • Proven multi-site support with bandwidth control: employees in all sites can enjoy the same experience even if WAN is not ready for VoIP at day 1
  • Built-in call distribution and integration with contact center solutions
  • Add OpenTouch Multimedia Services to support real-time rich media applications like OpenTouch Conversation


  • Provide excellent voice connectivity to your customers and colleagues
  • Ensure employees can make calls wherever they are, on any device
  • Serve users across multiple sites, with guaranteed high availability